IXOS XHA716 Gamma further develops their continually awarded innovative formula. Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper, Notrogen Gas-Injected dielectric and Gamma Geometry™ all contribute to create an interconnect that pushes the performance envelope. High performance hard Gold Plated IXOS RCA connectors maximize signal transfer and ensure a stable, long-term interface. The IXOS XHA716 Connect your DVD, … More NEW PRODUCT: IXOS XHA716-100 Gamma

NEW PRODUCT: Atlas Mavros Ultra

Learning from the work on the ground breaking Atlas Asimi and Ultra plug development project as well as building on the outstanding original Mavros design, the new Atlas Mavros adopts the latest world-leading construction methodologies. For the all new Mavros, Atlas uses a highly porous microporous PTFE (Teflon) tape, which is wound with particular attention … More NEW PRODUCT: Atlas Mavros Ultra

New Brand: Alphason

Futureshop are now stocking new brand Alphason! Alphason’s extensive portfolio of products builds upon our impressive 28-years of experience in the design and manufacturing of AV furniture and electronics. Famous for our levels of support and customer service, they offer the backup you deserve. This has enabled Alphason to bring some truly unique and exciting … More New Brand: Alphason

NEW IN: IsoTek EVO3 Sequel Power Cable UK

We have the brand new IsoTek EVO3 Sequel Power Cable available at Futureshop today! The EVO3 Sequel is part of the of the new EVO3 (Evolution Three) power cables from IsoTek. It heralds a significant step up in quality of materials used and represents, we believe, one of the highest quality and specification power cables at its … More NEW IN: IsoTek EVO3 Sequel Power Cable UK

NEW IN: Tellurium Q System Enhancement CD

The Tellurium-Q system enhancement CD is a ‘must have‘ for all hi-fi enthusiasts, and we have it available at Futureshop today! Most music follows a form that can be calculated with a fourier transform analysis and time frequency analysis indicating it is not random, which simply means that your system can get into a “rut”. Like … More NEW IN: Tellurium Q System Enhancement CD

NEW IN: Atlas Eos 4DD Rhodium Plug

We have the brand new Atlas Eos 4 available at Futureshop today! The Eos screen acts as a filter against harmful incoming Rf a.c. power contamination, it dumps these airborne and electromagnetic disturbance effects rapidly to earth via the Atlas dual drain system employed in the latest generation Atlas cables. Power management devices concern themselves with the … More NEW IN: Atlas Eos 4DD Rhodium Plug

New Sizes In! Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7, USB Type A to Type B: 0.5m – 5m

We now have one our biggest sellers Wireworld Platinum Staright 7 (USB Type A to Type B), now available in sizes 0.5m – 5m! The Platinum Starlight 7® USB audio cable is intended for the most discerning listeners and advanced audio systems, where its ability to reveal the natural timbre of acoustic instruments and voices is invaluable. … More New Sizes In! Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7, USB Type A to Type B: 0.5m – 5m