Speaker Cables

Speaker Cables have and always will be the staple for all Hi-FI systems. A good speaker cable can truly reveal the potential of your speakers and enter you into another world.

Over the years, technology for speaker cables has been researched thoroughly and now there are many top of the range cables brimming with innovation to bring you the best sound possible.

Here we have a list of our top picked must-haves when it comes to speaker cables :


1) AudioQuest FLX/SLiP 14/4 Speaker Cable

Over the past 25 years,new_flx_slip14 AudioQuest has a well-earned reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional video and audio cables world-wide. AudioQuest’s cable designs come from years of in-house research and careful engineering.

This cable can be used as both single wire and biwire. This is actually better than using a single wire cable as you are getting double the bandwidth which means more details through your speakers and a broader sound stage.

Starting from a price of £2.90 for 0.5m, the Audioquest FLX/SLiP is a multi-award winning speaker cable that has proven to be excellent value for money for many years running.

AudioQuest FLX/SLiP 14/4 Speaker Cable.


2) Chord Clearway Speaker Cable

Chord Clearway speaker clearway-spkcable borrows key ideas from Chords recent development projects. Clearway refines 30 years of Chord know-how into a ground-breaking, highly affordable new speaker cable.

This cable was awarded speaker cable of the year for 2015 and has received great reviews all round.

At £10/m, the Chord Clearway is an award-winner that embraces Chords ideals to show you a side to your music you would not have discovered previously.

Click here to see the Chord Clearway Speaker Cable.


3) Tellurium Q Black Speaker Cable

Tellurium Q Black was TQBlackTellurium Q’s first cable and they knew we were on to something special when they took the prototypes to various dealers for their comments and input. One in particular would not believe that it could match his somewhat thicker more expensive cable that was in his demonstration system.

Although they’re a little company that has only recently appeared a few years ago on the HiFi scene, they were immediately awarded 5 Globes for an entire speaker cable range, awarded cables of the year for the ENTIRE cable range by HiFi Plus magazine and again product of the year by HIFi World in their Jan 2011 edition. All in the first 12 months!

Starting from a price of £49.99 for 1m, the Tellurium Q Black will immerse you in the unimaginable and have you listening to every song you love in a new light.

Tellurium Q Black Speaker Cable.


Honourable Mention : QED XT40 Speaker Cable

XT40 celebrates QED’s Reference_XT-4040 years of award winning british heritage. Awarded by What HI-FI? Magazine; this ‘Five Star’ pure copper loudspeaker cable boasts QED’s advanced X-TubeTM technology and a massive 4mm2 cross sectional area. This results in a cable that delivers clear sonic advantages over conventional cable designs by maintaining a flat frequency response within the audio band.

QED are so confident about the performance of the new XT40, they urge enthusiasts to audition and compare it, not only to their favourite cable but also to alternative models at any price.

At £10/m, the QED XT40 brings together QEDs great manufacturing prowess to create a cable like no other.

QED XT40 Speaker Cable.




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