Power Cables

Power Cable upgrades have been growing in popularity for the past few years as there is more research and discovery into the difference that a high quality power cable can make to any equipment that you connect it to.

A great place to start your cable upgrades is with power cables. By introducing a good quality power cable from the wall socket to a power block, there can be a noticed increase in performance of all equipment powered by that block. With even more power cables added to each and every socket, there can be a more complete cleaner set-up which can be noticed almost immediately.

Here are our top picks when it comes to power cables :


1) Merlin Tarantula MK6 Mains Cable

All new Tarantulanew_tarantula_iec MK6 is a completely new mains cable. Constructed using 3 x 2.5 mm twisted high purity oxygen free copper conductors to low resistance and give greater current handing. The conductors are coated with an extremely high grade LDPE which has a much better dielectric constant than the regular PVC used in on most mains cables

The new Tarantula represents the very best value for money for someone sceptical about mains cables and who just wants to sample a change for as little outlay as possible

Starting from £50.00 for a 1m length, the Merlin Tarantula offers great value for money and delivers superior performance compared to basic power cables.

Click here to see the Merlin Tarantula MK6 Mains Cable.


2) Wireworld Stratus 7 Power Cable

The Stratus 7 is an stratus7entry level upgrade power cord which features Oxygen-free copper conductors and molded connectors with silver-clad copper alloy. A perfect choice for entry level Audio systems and Video displays.

Wireworld power cords feature superior shielding & moulded IEC plug featuring silver-clad copper alloy contacts as standard. The Stratus cable is exceptional in terms of quality & design and is an ideal upgrade to any serious home theatre or Hi-Fi system. If you’re looking for a high class mains power lead, we recommend the Stratus.

Starting from a price of £74.95 for a 1m length, the Wireworld Stratus 7 is a highly recommended cable offering superior conductors, shielding and connectors for a much improved connection and performance.

Click here to see the Wireworld Stratus 7 Power Cable.


3) Atlas Eos 4DD Mains Power Cable

The very best Eos-4dd-c7power cables are built around low series resistance, high efficiency dielectrics and high tech screening, the Eos 4DD excels in all these areas. Utilising Atlas high purity low resistance oxygen free copper (OFC), high efficiency and high speed PTFE (Teflon) dielectrics the cherry on the cake is the adoption of Asimi and Mavros dual drain technology as the mechanism of coupling to the primary screening.

The Eos 4 screen acts as a filter against harmful incoming Rf a.c. power contamination, it dumps these airborne and electromagnetic disturbance effects rapidly to earth via the Atlas dual drain system employed in the latest generation Atlas cables.

Starting from £200.00 for a 1m length, the Atlas Eos 4DD is a top of the range must-have with excellent performance making unbelievable differences.

Click here to see the Atlas Eos 4DD Mains Power Cable.


Honourable Mention : Supra LoRad 1.5 Mains Cable

LoRad is a lo-rad-cs-ukworldwide patented, CE-approved audio grade shielded mains cable, available “off the reel”, using multi-stranded tin-plated OFC Conductors. The cable is a shielded via an aluminium foil screen, which is in “touching” contact with the semi-conductive insulation of the earth conductor.

The benefits of LoRad have been established for some time now – as the cable is one of the few available worldwide that is fully CE approved. The main benefit is the shielding which helps to ensure that other low level signal cables are not affected by the close proximity of the LoRad mains cable.

Starting from £43.20 for a 1m length, the Supra LoRad 1.5 brings good performance for value and offers an excellent insight into just how much a change in power cable can affect your equipment.

Click here to see the Supra LoRad 1.5 Mains Cable.



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