Mains Power Blocks

Mains Power Blocks are a great addition to any electrical equipment connected up within your house.

The power you receive and travel around your houses nowadays are not of the same quality as in the past and with higher energy requirements now, this power is spread thinly affecting the performance of certain products, e.g. Hifi and TVs.

There are however products that can clean, condition and isolate the power that you do use.

Here is our short list of must-haves in the area of Mains Power Blocks :


1) Tacima CS947 6 Way Mains Conditioner 2m

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a new improved version of Tacima’s previous design which over the years received Five Stars and several Awards from WHAT HIFI the UKs best known HIFI magazine. The Tacima CS947 6-way mains conditioner smooths the mains supply and eliminates mains interference and filters out any RFI (radio frequency interference) creeping in from other electronics such as washing machines, wifi routers, mobile phones and microwaves. This allows your electronics to perform at their best with noticeable improvements in detail and clarity and reduce poor quality, noisy mains power can easily spoil the performance of your HiFi and home cinema systems.

The Tacima CS947 comes with a Hard-Wired 2m Mains cable to connect to your wall socket and offers 6 cleaner power sockets for use with any variety of products you need it for.

At a price of £33.95 the Tacima CS947 mains power block is a definite must have for anyone with any electrical products this Christmas.

Tacima CS947.


2) Wireworld Matrix V2 6 Way Power Hub

The Matrix v2 is a multi-way power
Matrix2_UKdistribution block which is particularly useful for home
theatre installations where there are never enough power outputs.

The Matrix v2 is a perfect solution for those requiring a cost effective way to remove mains noise and distribute power efficiently. When combined with the WireWorld Series 7 power cords it will enhance and improve the performance levels of the likes of Video tuner, DAB tuners, DVD players, Flat screen displays, Game consoles, computers, CD players, Projectors and a variety of other sources and displays.

At a price of £118.70 the Wireworld Matrix V2 mains power block is superb for anyone looking to improve on their power set-ups with a great quality distribution product.

Wireworld Matrix V2.


3) Isotek Evo 3 Polaris 

This is your chance to enter IsoTek’sIsotekPolaris
innovative and multi award-winning range of power conditioning solutions. Polaris is a cost effective upgrade to any audio or audio-visual system, delivering improved performance, protection and astonishing value for money.

IsoTek is a UK-based company that specialises in power management systems for hi-fi and home cinema applications. They give painstakingly high attention to detail which offers significantly improvement to sound and picture quality, while offering protection from spikes and surges in their mains products.

At a price of £295.00 the Isotek Evo 3 Polaris mains block is certainly a must-have for anyone with high end electrical products that require cleaner power for an improved performance.

Isotek Evo 3 Polaris.


Honourable Mention : Supra LoRad 6 Way UK Mains Distribution Block

Supra Cables started in 1976MD06_BS_SP and have won an impressive number of awards all over the world, often in comparison with more expensive competitor cables. Supra cables philosophy is best described as plain and simple ‘No-Nonsense-Design.’ All products are manufactured from parts meeting the highest audible and measureable quality standards.

Thanks to the aluminium chassis connection to the safety ground/drain wire, Supra LoRad mains blocks are completely free of electrical field radiation and pick-up as long as it is connected to a wall socket with ground terminal. Featuring 6 shuttered 13 Amp UK sockets and a three stage Surge Protection Device, the Supra LoRad 6 way block will become highly prized not just for keeping you mains wiring tidy, but also as it will help to minimise any interference from getting into your prized Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system.

At a price of £99.00 the Supra LoRad 6 way mains block is a great product to offer interference free mains connections to your electrical equipment.

Supra LoRad 6 Way Block.



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