Ethernet Cables

Ethernet Cables are becoming increasingly more popular with the increase of streamers and streaming services for audio visual distribution.

By using higher performance level ethernet cables within networked situations, there can be a noticed increase in the quality of audio and visual being streamed due to better shielding preventing interference and more conductive materials being used within.

Here are our top picks that will help you to delve into improving your streaming experiences :


1) Supra Cat7 Plus Ethernet Cable

There are two areas ethernet_amazonin a network cable that must be perfectly designed, a) The shielding, and b) The twinning of the two lead pair. The reason is cross-talk, when the signal “jumps” to the adjacent pair of leads. If the cable cannot maintain signal integrity, transmission speed will drop until transmission is accomplised, in worst case leading to signal drop-outs.

Supra Cat7+ surpasses the specification category 7A according to EN 50288 and IEC 61156. The solid 22AWG copper leads, foamed PE plastic, efficient shielding make extremely long distances installation possible, thanks to the new low capacitance.

Starting from a price of £30.00 for a 1m length, the Supra Cat 7+ is an essential upgrade to networked devices.

Click here to see the Supra Cat7 Plus Ethernet Cable.


2) Chord C-Stream Ethernet Cable

The C-stream chord-c-streamEthernet cable perfectly illustrates the process used to develop and build every product that Chord produce.

The C-stream is a very high quality Cat 7 specification cable; the contacts are gold-plated and the plug body is over-moulded, which provides excellent reliability and secure strain relief without deforming the cable and affecting performance.

From just £40.00 for a 0.75m length, the Chord C-Stream is a tried and tested must-have with research showing results for an improved connection over equivalent cables.

The Chord C-Stream Ethernet Cable.


3) AudioQuest Vodka Ethernet Cable

Audio over Cat 7 RJ-E-VodkaEthernet offers the virtues of high-speed, low time delay (latency), significant distance capability (1000 feet without an active booster or repeater), and extremely low-jitter, bit-perfect communication.

With 10% solid silver conductors, it eliminates strand-interaction distortion and reduce jitter. Solid silver-plated conductors are excellent for very high-frequency applications, like Ethernet audio.

If you feel like splashing out for the best, the AudioQuest Vodka is a premium must-have for high end systems offering a vastly superior signal transfer.

AudioQuest Vodka Ethernet Cable.


Honourable Mention : Melco C1AE Audio Ethernet Cable

Melco C1AE MelcoCat7C1AEdouble shielded audio ethernet cables are perfect for highly demanding installations that require extending high-bandwidth digital content.

Ultra flexible and robust woven integrity jacket ensures knot free and elegant system installation even in confined spaces. Patented unbreakable latch ensures repeatable long term performance and is compatible with smallest of ethernet sockets.

Starting from £60.00, the Melco C1AE has intense research invested into making it offer the lowest jitter and least interfered signal possible.

Melco C1AE Audio Ethernet Cable.


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