Accessories are the often forgotten and unknown aspects of improving your audio visual experience.

Sometimes the biggest improvements can come from the smallest of objects, for example, isolation products for your amplifiers which can effectively prevent excess static and vibration from being detrimental to the performance of your equipment.

With many upgrades available, here are our list of must-haves to show you the possibilities :


1) Oehlbach Isolation

Oehlbach is a key brand for high-quality audio and video cables in Germany. And with good reason. For nearly 40 years, the company based in Pulheim near Cologne has not only stood for outstanding product quality, but also genuine innovation.

A great example of their superb innovations can clearly be seen with their isolation products. They offer a broad range of isolated feet for Hi-Fi equipment made from different materials which can all transfer unwanted interference at different rates. This lowers the background noise floor enabling your equipment to deliver a clearer, open and more dynamic performance.

Starting from a price of £4.99, Oehlbach’s Isolation is an amazing must-have that are useful for everyone and anyone using mechanical equipment.

Click here to see the Oehlbach Isolation Range.


2) AudioQuest Jitterbug USB Data & Power Noise Filter

AudioQuest’s newaq-jitterbug-image dual-function JitterBug is a USB line (VBUS) and signal (data) filter. JitterBug’s dual-circuitry measurably reduces unwanted noise currents and parasitic resonances. It also reduces jitter and packet errors (in some cases, packet errors are completely eliminated.) The result is clearer, more compelling sound, music, and dialogue a better audio experience.

JitterBug can also be used with mobile phones, portable media devices, USB peripherals, and network storage/streaming devices. Many receivers, DACs, and automobiles include USB input ports that are compatible with iOS and Android devices, enabling music lovers to use their mobile phones or USB memory sticks as audio sources.

At a price of £39.00, the Audioquest Jitterbug is a must-have for every USB connected device, whether it be for a phone, DAC or even a printer.

Click here to see the AudioQuest Jitterbug USB Data & Power Noise Filter.


3) Entreq Grounding Boxes

For Entreq a GROUND BOXS GROUP SHOTclean and effective ground point is one of the most important factor’s in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for any hifi system.

Entreq has four levels of groundboxes and with each level there is two lines. They start out with their entry level which is the Tellus and Minimus. At the other end you have the Olympus range.

Starting from a price of £250.00, the Entreq Grounding Boxes are superb for obtaining the best possible set-up with Hi-Fi systems and deliver the cleanest sound that will surely impress.

Click here to see the Entreq Grounding Boxes range.


Honourable Mention : Nordost Sort Kones

The Sort Konesort cone as is a directly coupled and mechanically tuned resonance control device, using a sophisticated new approach to the problem of supporting sensitive electronics.

Four levels of price and performance, depending on materials employed; AS (Aluminium with Steel), AC (Aluminium with Ceramic), BC (Bronze with Ceramic) and TC (Titanium with Ceramic).

Starting from £49.99 for the AS Kone, the Nordost Sort Kones are one of the best products for isolating your equipment and helping to not just keep harmful energy out, but to transfer it out of the equipment as well.

Click here to see the Nordost Sort Kones.


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