Accessories are the often forgotten and unknown aspects of improving your audio visual experience. Sometimes the biggest improvements can come from the smallest of objects, for example, isolation products for your amplifiers which can effectively prevent excess static and vibration from being detrimental to the performance of your equipment. With many upgrades available, here are our list of … More Accessories

Phono Audio Cables

Phono Audio Cables are arguably the most used cables for any type of Audio set-ups. With different materials, construction processes and shielding, each cable can offer a unique build that differs from others and each brand aims for their own signature sound Being one of the most used cables means there are many different varieties available … More Phono Audio Cables

HDMI Cables

HDMI Cables are an essential accessory for any visual displays you own or may treat yourself to this year. With new technology upgrading TVs to offer higher resolutions and crisper images, the rest of the extras and accessories have to similarly upgrade. Newer HDMI cables run a specification called HDMI 2.0 that improves the limit of … More HDMI Cables

Ethernet Cables

Ethernet Cables are becoming increasingly more popular with the increase of streamers and streaming services for audio visual distribution. By using higher performance level ethernet cables within networked situations, there can be a noticed increase in the quality of audio and visual being streamed due to better shielding preventing interference and more conductive materials being used … More Ethernet Cables

Speaker Cables

Speaker Cables have and always will be the staple for all Hi-FI systems. A good speaker cable can truly reveal the potential of your speakers and enter you into another world. Over the years, technology for speaker cables has been researched thoroughly and now there are many top of the range cables brimming with innovation to … More Speaker Cables

Mains Power Blocks

Mains Power Blocks are a great addition to any electrical equipment connected up within your house. The power you receive and travel around your houses nowadays are not of the same quality as in the past and with higher energy requirements now, this power is spread thinly affecting the performance of certain products, e.g. Hifi and … More Mains Power Blocks

Digital Optical Cables

Digital Optical Cables are becoming more and more popular with rises in sales of external amplifiers and speakers connected to TVs. By connecting your TV to external equipment with a Digital Optical cable you can hear greatly improved sound over the basic TV speakers. Digital Optical cables contain strands of glass fibres to travel high bandwidth … More Digital Optical Cables

USB Cables

USB Cables are the backbone to your digital connections, allowing signals to pass from one device to another and by improving the USB cable, the purer the signal will be from point A to B. Nowadays where there are clusters of power cables and connections all around, digital signals can be susceptible to interference which will degrade … More USB Cables

Power Cables

Power Cable upgrades have been growing in popularity for the past few years as there is more research and discovery into the difference that a high quality power cable can make to any equipment that you connect it to. A great place to start your cable upgrades is with power cables. By introducing a good quality power … More Power Cables

Top Tip : Buying Hi-Fi Speaker Cables

Hi-fi speaker cables are an essential part of any hi-fi system, whether mono, stereo, or surround sound. Whatever the set-up, the best possible quality hi-fi speaker cables within the buyer’s budget should be purchased to ensure the maximum performance is achieved. When buyers purchase a top of the range hi-fi system and speakers, they often buy … More Top Tip : Buying Hi-Fi Speaker Cables